Trusted Property Management Services


Whether you choose to be an active landlord and manage the let yourself, or employ a property manager to undertake this on your behalf, the decision will largely depend on your own circumstances and experience, as well as the size and number of properties you are letting. You may not want to deal with the financial or legal aspects of the let directly with your tenants and prefer to have it all dealt with by the professionals.

If you are planning to let a room, studio flat, apartment or house and you would like a Blue Prime Realty property manager to take care of the whole process for you.

This is what Blue Prime Realty will do for you:

Higher Quality Tenants:

A thorough screening process results in reliable tenants.

Fewer Costly And Time Consuming Legal Problems:

Armed with the knowledge of the latest landlord-tenant laws we will ensure that you are not leaving yourself vulnerable to a potential law suit.

Shorter Vacancy Cycles:

The three critical tasks that affect how long it takes to fill your vacancies are:

• Improve and prepare the property for rent – We will suggest and oversee cosmetic improvements that maximize revenue.
• Determine the best rent – Too high and you are stuck waiting, to low and you’re losing money every month the tenant is in the unit. Determining the optimal price requires knowledge of the local market.
• Effectively marketing your property – We understand what to say and where to advertise in order to get a larger pool of candidates in a shorter period of time.

Tighter Rent Collection Process:

Collecting rent on time every month is the only way to maintain consistent cash-flow. Blue Prime Realty would be the buffer between yourself and the tenant.

Lower Maintenance And Repair Costs:

Good maintenance and repairs keep tenants happy and preserves the value of your investment which makes them a very important part of land-lording. You gain access to Blue Prime Realty’s network of licensed, bonded and insured contractors who have already been vetted for good pricing and quality work. This translates into significant savings.

Request a complimentary, obligation-free appraisal of your property’s rental potential from our Property Management professional.