Selling Help

Handy Tips

It is Blue Prime Realty’s responsibility to ensure that your sales journey is the very best, everything is taken care of and we deliver on our promises and responsibilities to the highest standards. From start to finish we deliver all steps in the sales process seamlessly and with minimal disruption to our clients.

Here are some tips:

Know Your Costs:

There’s more to selling your property than just agent’s fees. So what are the typical costs involved? We’ll help you crunch the numbers so you and your budget aren’t caught out.

Price your property right:

Your local market, the season, and your property’s unique features can all make a difference to the value. We’ll show you how to judge the market, pick your timing and get your price right.

Choosing The Best Sales Method:

We can advise you on what method of sale we believe will maximize the sale price of your property. Auction and private treaty sales are the most common methods, with tender and expressions of interest sometimes used for extremely high-end sales. Each method has its own pros and cons.

Get Your Property Ready:

It’s not as simple as mowing a lawn or dusting off the cobwebs. We’ll tell you the smart things you can do to prepare your property and maximise your sale price, without breaking the bank.

Market Your Place:

What advertising tools should you use to drive the right buyers to your door? Let us give you the tips and insights to help you understand your marketing plan and choose the best mix.

Negotiate The Legal Stuff:

Ticking all the legal boxes can be a challenge when you’re selling your property. Let us help you to negotiate the basics.